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Guy Satchwell - Sound Recordist Edinburgh

So, having finished Great Estates for B4 films ( to screen on PBS in the US ) it turns out that Prince Charles and Camilla loved the Dumfries House episode so much ( It features Charles quite a lot ) that Clarence House have commissioned 'A year in the life of Dumfries House'... Shooting on XD HD, generally timecode locked to off board sound, it's proving good fun. Gettin' a bit sick of the A702 though... :-)

Oneshow - Anniversary links , Oban. Guillemots, Farne Island  ( BBC )

Antiques Rescue -   BBC Bristol

Metamorphosis - BBC Scotland ( nature ) 

Submarine School  Channel 5

Gigha-Buying our Island (a year in the life of Gigha for Saltire/BBC, shot over 11 months)

One whole grim, grim series of Life of Grime (BBC Bristol)

Gutted Wonderful 1hr doc about the Scottish fishing industry (Tern/BBC)

An entire series of Disaster Masters (BBC/Menthorn)

Bosnia Rather unpleasant 1/2hr special - Eorpa (BBC Gaelic)

Several Frontline Scotlands, from M.E in kids to an award winning one about Dounray, also penetrative injuries at the G.R.I. (yuk!) and a really scary one about Piper Alpha. (BBC Scotland)

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"A great sound recordist who does top quality work."

Andrew Begg

Cameraman and DoP

March 25, 2013, Andrew worked directly with guy at guy satchwell audio

Guy, we are in the final two days in the Great Estates edit, I finished the sound mix yesterday and it is sounding terrific.  Your sound recording is truly exceptional and when I hear from the dubbing mixer that this series has the best original sound recording they have worked with in a long long time it makes me very happy.  You are always our 'go to first' soundman and your attention to detail, hard work and overall contribution to the films is much appreciated.   

Jim Brown
B4 films

Guy is a consummate pro. He combines high technical ability with a personal touch that includes a fair dose of genuine congeniality. Don't ask him about aircraft or locomotives though unless you want a dissertation on the Beattock climbing abilities of the 70023.

Dave Flett

Owner, SVP (Scotland) Ltd

"Always a pleasure having Guy along. His supporting skills as a Voice Over artist also makes him invaluable in interview situations. He has a good ear for a well delivered line. He is adaptable to any camera format including DSLR."

Gavin Turnbull

Director Producer Video TV at GTMP

March 25, 2013, Gavin was Guy's client

"Guy not only covers all aspects of professional audio recording, but understands the need for good scripting, structure and pacing. He records and performs professional voiceover work, and will happily provide input regarding tone and pace. An all round team-player with an eye on getting the best out of any production."

Rod Stein

Professional Video Production, DVD & Web Clip Creation at Rod Stein Video

March 21, 2013, Rod worked directly with guy at guy satchwell audio

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