Spent the day with Sir Jackie Stuart yesterday....he's kinda close to being Scottish royalty really now isn't he?  Anyway, he's launched a charity, Race Against Dementia and asked for a few of his pals to help with a launch. Dario Franchitti flew in from NY, David Coulthard turned up as did Damon Hill and Gil de Ferran, along with a crop of current talent Some pretty big hitters!  
Anyway, production did that thing they do and introduced and extra 5d on top of the two cameras planned...had minutes to get sound to it..ended up operating it too.

What's been happening recently? Well there was recently an interesting development as a consequence of the Water of Life doc that I worked on at the end of last year. One central contributor was suddenly unavailable whilst we were shooting. The director and DP flew back over to Dublin a few months later and interviewed him but on getting back into the edit realised they'd missed some crucial stuff. With no money left in the budget at all, and having had three good weeks work out of the film I volunteered to go to the contributors house and do an audio record to drop into the edit around the existing footage. Then it became clear how radically different the room was gonna sound. So, I offered to shoot it too...on a Canon DSLR!!! Anyway..cut a long story short I now get a credit as 'additional photography' on a Netflix doco too.  That's a first for me!  See this lighting gig...it aint that hard!!! ;-) ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Out with Jim Leishman the other day shooting for SSE. Looked like the firmware on his Meatabones had borked and wouldn't 'talk' to his EF 24-70mm, on the 'B'  camera set up.  so no control of aperture at all! Fished out my current fav I/V lens from my kit ...a Zenith 58mm that came off Ebay for about twelve quid.Just the thing! 
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