Where Am I?

I'm just south of Edinburgh, serving Edinburgh itself, Stirling, Glasgow, Perth and the Scottish Central belt. I am however very familiar with the Highlands and Islands and a lot of my work seems to involve driving about up north. Because I'm south of Edinburgh, I'm in easy reach of Newcastle and Carlisle, easier communte than Glasgow to be frank! 

Who Am I?

I started back in the days of BetaSP, at the tail end of film.  One thing I've learned over the years is that in this business folk just tend to say yes to everything, even though some jobs just don't suit them. So, with that in mind, allow me to set out my stall. What I'm not good at it big crews, big sets, big schedules and everybody running about doing their job and only their job.

What I am good at, is small crews, multitasking, mixing responsibilites and supporting other members of the team. If there is no sound to record for a few hours, I'd rather assist a struggling cameraman than stand about watching...and being a shooter myself these days, I know how to handle a lens! I'm good with corporate clients and with nervous contributors. Whilst I ask to be treated with respect, I'm not going to kick off if lunch isn't the full hour ( as long as there's something to eat!) 

Anyway, That's me, a Soundie to trade who has turned to a few other things in the last wee while, not least of which, a drone pilot, a camera owner/ operator...and weirdly a voice talent.


Good god almighty, done all sorts, but mostly fallen into a doco type portfolio. From the jungles of Borneo with Terry Pratchet to country houses with Prince Charles ( Ten years of following Chuck around Dumfires House!...really...ten years !) ...from severely disbled kids' first ever visit to the seaside to puffins falling off cliffs in Iceland, from following a record breaking cyclist through South America to a drunk hotelier trying to cook with eggs on the Isle of Harris. Post-mortems of decomposed bodies in the Edinburgh morgue ( which is something I'll never forget )  to DNA research into ancient Mummies in the Cairo museum ( They woudn't let us in for two days!) 

I did a Blue Peter shoot once, didn't get a badge...I thought all crew on Blue Peter got a badge...I didn't...must be illegal...surely.

Non Broadcast

From manufacturers of pizza ovens to endless giant financial houses, from charities working in deprived housing to Royal Bank of Scotland, from Standard Life to End of Life. Baillie Gifford to Babcock shipbuilding. Military to Minecraft, Dementia nurse training to Debutantes balls ( No really, that's a thing !)  Banking, manufacturing, science and technolgy ( see me, I like science and technology I do ) health board training videos ( quite a lot of NHS stuff at one time )  lots of fish farms, lots of factories, lots of banks ( again !) forrestry, food processing, buses ( quite a lot of buses, weirdly )  and lots and lots of whisky stuff. Open University, Museum videos ( lot of fun doing the 'Hologram' vids that are increasingly popular in museums ) Inveitably , being Edinburgh based, a load of Life Sciences stuff, there's some cutting edge shit going on in this neck of the woods let me tell you!