Sound Recordist

Drone Pilot,

Camera operator/Owner

Edinburgh based, but covering Glasgow, Stirling, Perth, Newcastle,Carlisle and beyond.

I am a...

Time served soundie, been at it for yonks ( For any of you youthful production people out there...a 'yonk' is an Imperial unit of measurement, not clearly defined, but certainly meaning... 'kin ages ) 


Anyway...more of that on 'About'

A few years ago ( Not really a yonk ) I realised that on shoots where a few aerial shots would have done the production proud, a drone pilot wasn't present 'cos the budget didn't go that far. I also noticed that very often, when a drone piot was there, it meant I was often doing can rarely do sound when there's a drone flying about. It occured to me that in many cases, the drone pilot and the soundie could be the same person. Thus...I became the 

Droning Soundie