Filmmaker / Camera Operator / Owner / 2nd Shooter


Super 35 Zcam cinema camera, slider, WiFi monitor, gimbal, 14,24,35,50,100mm Primes, 11-16, 17-50,17-85mm Zooms. COB LED I/V Key with large modifier, 2xLED panels, etc.

Since you ask me about...

It occured to me a few years ago, that young folk scrabble to get onto shoots unpaid, just to watch and learn from observing techies, particularly cameraman and DoP's going about their task. I then realised that I had watched a thousand shoots, witnessed many hundreds of interviews lit. Having set out armed with a photgraphy 'A' level all those years ago, I felt my time had finally come. So I went and bought a Super 35mm cinema camera ( One of the advantages of sending yours truly out as a one man band least you know the sound is gonna work! )


 Being as I am something of a whisky man, I've ended up doing quite a lot of whisky content among other things and am very pleased to have been shooting and interviewing ( I'm a pretty good interviewer ) content for a documentary about independent whisky bottlers for an LA based production company  Blacksmith & Jones. This project is now in the edit and due for release in April 2024.

As filming for The Independent Bottler film draws to a close, I'm very excited to be repeating the role, interviewing for another whisky based project for B4films of Aberdeen. New Make Spirit will look at 'what's new in whisky' ...and beleive me, there's plenty of inovation and unexpected stories in the world of the dram right now...( Indian single malt anyone?)