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Terry Pratchett's Jungle Quest.


A loooong time ago, I made a film in Borneo featuring Terryy Pratchett. Shot on 16mm film, with my mate Andy Macleod ( who now runs Film Canarias )  and I blagged out way to the Indonesian Island, took Tery with us and made a hald hour documentary about Terry meeting Orangutans. Sadly, on return we were broke and effectively gave the film away to a production company to bail us out. The production company took the production credit, but we did get it on the Channel 4, three prime time Friday night slots over three years! 
We even got the front cover of the TV Times! ( does that still exist?) 

Many years later, the rights have returned to Andy and I, the single Beta SP (!) copy of the film has been digitised and will be released soon on amazon Prime.