Edinburgh, Newcastle, Cumbria, Northumberland,  North East England, Scottish Highlands

I'm an experienced, time served sound recordist with a stereo sound kit, 6 track SD timecode recorder,, radio-mics,   Timecode buddy for locking camera to recorder...and other boring soundie stuff as well...
I've been at it for 20 years and I've still got all my own teeth, a sense of humour and I don't smell of gerbils or anything
​​​​​​​Age: Old enough to know better.

Daily rate: £350/10hrs, with kit, including stereo mic and 3 radio-mics. . Standard mixer is a 6track timecode recorder with ultra reliable Ambient timecode board with timecode buddy unit for on camera synch of off board sound, in adition if required of G3 wireless link.
Increasingly, on corporate videos these days, I'm asking the questions as well as doing sound. It's something I'm not only happy to do, but actually pretty good at. In another life I'm a film-maker at Chronographfilms, so I'm no stranger to getting the best out of an interviewee.
So, if you're a Director-Cameraman who wants to actually direct and operate during an interview , then I'm your man to do sound and more!

Finally facing up to the challenge of learning a DAW ( Digital Audio Workstation ) I'm teaching myself to edit video on Resolve, so exploiting the wonderful power of Fairlight audio workstation has been an interesting consequence of that.
See, I can interview as well!!!!
I do like a good crew lunch I do...
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